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Chalet under Bystra

Caves in Liptov region

Slovakia and the Liptov region offer a lot of caves and cave system. There are about 80 caves situated in Low Tatras, but only 12 of them are publicly available.

Caves in Demanova (35 km)

Demanovska cave of Liberty is situated in Demanovska valley. The caves was discovered in 1921. Caves were created by the river Demanovka flowing through it. There is a lot of interesting objects like corridors, halls, stalagmites and stalagnates, unique in the European cave system. Part of the cave is used for curing procedures.

Demanovska ice cave is situated in Demanovska valley.The cave was created by the river Demanovka. Demanovska ice cave is famous for bear bones, discovered in this cave. There is a lot of ice objects lasting for all the year. The tour takes 45-60 min.


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